Specifically, because of the perhaps not delivering people ways to identify one of them, Java only supports you to NaN worthy of

Other special values discussed by IEEE-754 was encrypted by using the full 32-piece, 64-piece otherwise 128-section format, and may not be supported for the all the programs.

Age.2.4 Boolean

In case your types of identifier having Boolean occurs in the new weight, it�s accompanied by an integer well worth, and this represents brand new Boolean really worth not the case on integer worth of zero, otherwise correct for everybody other integer beliefs.

While it’s you’ll to help you encode Boolean values because the explained in the “Coercion from Integer Sizes”, really the only thinking to your Boolean type of is actually correct and you will untrue . Therefore, really the only asked binary platforms having Boolean beliefs certainly are the predefined (and you can lightweight) models demonstrated from inside the Desk Age-ten.

E.2.5 Octet

When your type identifier for , it�s followed closely by this new octet well worth in itself, that is by the meaning on range 0 to help you 255 (0x00 to 0xFF). Continue reading