In addition one must not underestimate the power of Pink

Sure can be annoying, but what she just unleashed are “hard truths” on Filipino psyche and culture

Haven’t read the book yet but intends to do so later after I’m done with the consciousness stuff of Antonio Damasio.

David Graeber is the intellectual soulmate of both Noam Chomsky and Michael Hudson so there’s no doubt the book is a kicker.

Actually a lot of VP Leni supporters are already sharing posts about the Marcos era, for instance those of ex-CJ Meilou Sereno (who is BTW an Evangelical, Filipino evangelicals might be 2/3 DDS and 1/3 Pink based on my own incomplete observations) or others. What isn’t official yet can still become official, just like VP Leni’s programs since today, bolstered by her statement that actual proof of having done stuff counts just as much – of course the proof of her having done all she preaches is all over the place + shared.

Chel Diokno’s YouTube Channel only had 20K followers earlier today and is now over the mandatory 100K that it seems COMELEC will mandate after a viral call to help him. Now there is the call to follow other relevant YouTube accounts as well so they can be confirmed, I am quite confident that the different volunteer groups will get it done quickly also.

“This is a marathon with 5 months to go, so a lot of stuff can still happen.” -– I agree, it’s a marathon session but if I’m on the shoes of those running against BBM I would be very, very careful not to be complacent. Yes, it’s a long way to go but every detail counts. There is no such thing as unimportant on election campaign. Everything that would score points on one’s behalf and deliver a setback on the opponent is important. Continue reading