The Mexican-Hindu Connection: In a look for Their Roots, Descendants find a going tale of loneliness and Racism

For the time that is long Sylvia and Yolanda Singh wondered about their history.

Raised in a Catholic house in Santa Ana where they talked Spanish and English, the siblings had been frequently inquired about their name that is last typical to all or any male users of the Sikh faith from India’s Punjab province.

Although not until Yolanda ended up being doing graduate study in training at Stanford and selected her father as an interest for an ethnographic task did the household history started initially to unfold, and she learned the 67-year-old construction worker is just a Mexican-Hindu.

Mexican-Hindu? Even though the combination may seem odd, the storyline for the Singhs of Santa Ana and many thousand people like them through the United states Southwest represents an anomaly of America’s melting cooking pot. It’s also an almost forgotten tale about how precisely history and culture made bedfellows that are strange combining two immigrant teams in fairly brief marriages of convenience.

Today, with intermarriage away from their circle that is small Mexican-Hindus are growing more indistinct with every generation, rapidly reducing them to a footnote of Ca history. But by way of Karen Leonard, a UC Irvine teacher of anthropology who may have written almost a dozen articles about the subject and it is finishing focus on a guide, Sylvia and Yolanda are in possession of a thorough household tree and understand much more about their back ground. Continue reading