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Lenina is so well conditioned that despite this lady large, she takes most of the birth control precautions she learned on Malthusian bore she did 3 x each week, every week to have six years of the girl teenagers. Huxley spends Lenina in order to underline the reality that pregnancy was a beneficial sin, a criminal activity, and a gross problem in the wide world of Hatcheries, and this almost never goes.

World one or two switches so you’re able to Bernard, exactly who attends a good solidarity service, the same as a religious services, in which the guy reveals the proportions of their distinction from other courageous the fresh worldlings, as well as his unhappiness. The fresh new industry style of a chapel is actually a community Singery. The main one Bernard attends is a great skyscraper on the internet site good Londoner perform termed as St. Paul’s Cathedral.

They are strange because the he dislikes crowds of people and you may really wants to become alone with her even when they’re not having sex

Every solidarity services happens in a team of a dozen people, half dozen boys and you can six ladies who sit-in a circle, play 12-stanza hymns, and take an effective communion from good and liquids soma as opposed to wafers and you can wine. Continue reading