The guy takes the woman to a lovely apartment in the city

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Landon and you may Tessa talk about her getting take off of the her mommy b/c from Hardin. He alerts you to definitely Hardin are difficult, but Tessa says that he is additional doing their. Tessa can be seen bringing found outside the cafe by Hardin. She inquires from the in which they have come, and then he informs this lady to enter, and he will show the woman. He has offered to h2o a friend out of his dad’s plants while you are she’s out of the nation for a-year. The guy mentions that they is always to real time here with her just like the she’s got started stop. He got so it bush seated concert for Tessa. Each goes to help you an aquarium where Hardin try taking pictures from Tessa while the fish. According to him that he cannot accept that the woman is his. Tessa reminds your that there surely is little that may replace the means she seems regarding him. They’re going in order to their father’s marriage, and you may Hardin is not surprisingly demanding. Tessa fundamentally fits Landon’s mother Karen (Jennifer Beals). It grab its chair, and his awesome dad (Peter Gallagher) releases to the a speech. Hardin following begins informing Tessa on why he’s got a challenging experience of alcoholic drinks along with his dad. Their dad was once an inebriated who does get into shady providers, matches, disputes within bars. Continue reading