Marry Me Personally, Ekaterina: The Storyline Behind Romain Mader’s Controversial Project about Ukraine

Photographer, musician. Examined during the University of Arts & Design Lausanne in Switzerland. More often than not plays the primary character in their projects. Had team and solamente exhibitions in Switzerland, Britain, France Denmark, and Italy. Winner of Foam Paul Huf Award.

Romain Mader first came to Ukraine last year with buddies: “We wished to travel in just one of the Eastern countries that are european. We selected arbitrarily to attend Ukraine. ” During the right time, Romain got enthusiastic about Soviet architecture and took photos from it in Donetsk and Sevastopol. “We didn’t know a great deal in regards to the nation, we’d the stereotypes that are same many people in Western Europe. We thought individuals drank vodka, so we always purchased a bottle of vodka to take in from the train, but we never really had the opportunity to start it, because we didn’t meet those who were thinking about that. ”

Romain had not been just incorrect concerning the universal love for liquor among Ukrainians. Continue reading