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Delta Air Boarding Zones & Procedure — Everything You Need to Know.

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Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Delta Air is a leisure-focused airline with a goal of getting visitors to warm locations where they could unwind.

They’ve a fairly limited route network in contrast to bigger carriers, flying to mostly smaller and lesser-used airports within the Delta States and Puerto Rico — they do cover.

117 destinations at least a couple of times each week.

Delta is known as an ultra-low-cost carrier, meaning they price their tickets as low as possible and then charge passengers for everything else. The fares may be well under $50 one-way, but at the time you are finished, your flight could cost considerably more.

Desire soda or water on board? You will pay for that. Want to have a seat assigned ahead of check-in?

That could cost up to $80 for premium seat locations on longer flights. Need to choose a carry-on bag? That will run you up to an additional $75 for the own flight.

As you can see, costs can really add up. Just like with any ultra-low-cost carrier, it is important to check out the entire cost of travel prior to buying, not only the low fare.

The wonderful part about this pricing model would be that you never have to pay to get something that you don’t need. If you don’t care where you sit, are only taking a small backpack for a weekend trip, also don’t need any food or drink while on board, then you truly can fly for a really low price.

Once you’ve have a look at the overall cost and opted to fly with Delta Air, you want to be ready for your own flight. That starts with boarding.

Instead of being among the confused passengers drifting around the gate area not knowing where to go, you should take a little while now to find out how dressing with Delta works. Let’s take a quick glance at the particulars of their boarding process.

Delta Air starts the dressing process with 4 named zones. When those are taken care of, they move on with 6 overlapping zones of general boarding.

For general grooming, passengers are placed into zones based on if they have a carry-on bag or not and what row they’re seated inside.

Passengers without bags needing to go in the overhead bins are boarded first, from rear to the front of the airplane. Subsequently passengers who need to store bags are boarded, again from back to front.

Even in the event that you opt not to purchase a seat assignment in advance, you’ll be placed in a certain seat when you check in for the flight. Once your seat and row are assigned, you’ll be placed in the corresponding boarding zone.

Here’s an overview of just who gets to board with each group on Delta:


Anyone needing extra time or assistance The boarding process may be paused to give this initial group a bit additional time to get situated before restarting another group.

Priority Boarding.

Military Boarding.

Family Boarding.

Zone 1 delta airlines phone number.

Zone 2.

Zone 3.

Zone 4.

Zone 5.

Zone 6.

Boarding Notes.

If you want to sit together with the people you are traveling with in your own flight, you need to pay to select chairs beforehand. Delta Air makes no guarantees your party will have the ability to be seated together in the event that you wait till check-in to acquire totally free seat assignments.

Contrary to Frontier, who gives passengers who have obtained carry-on bags priority boarding, Delta boards passengers with carry-on bags in the previous 3 groups. This is a superb illustration of why you need to be knowledgeable about the boarding procedures for the airline you are flying!

In cases like this, the 2 airlines are equally cheap carriers, but they do the exact opposite when boarding passengers with carry-on bags.

Hot Tip: Just Like Spirit Airlines, Delta Air will bill you to have a broker at the airport printing your boarding pass. To avoid paying this, either check in and print your boarding pass at home or utilize the Delta program to check in and pull your boarding pass onto your smartphone.

How to Develop Your Delta Air "myDelta Factors " Balance.

We include this segment since we’re about utilizing points for travel, and we have sections about how best to make points for each airline in our boarding procedures series.

But when it comes down to it, myDelta Points aren’t really something that you want to go out of the way to collect.

On redemption, the things are just worth a single penny each — there’s no way to acquire a higher value out of these. Also, they can only be redeemed for a discount on Delta flights or other travel booked through Delta Air’s travel partners.

If you fly Delta regularly, they do possess a co-branded charge card which may be worth acquiring, but more for your flight advantages compared to points earning.

The Delta World Mastercard earns 3x points on Delta purchases and 2x points on dining — but at the predetermined 1 cent salvation degree, you’d be much better off putting your spending on one of many cash-back cards that make the same or more.

There are also a number of cards that benefit generously for dining and purchases , which in our view offer a far superior option than Delta’s card.

As we mentioned, the Delta World Mastercard will not come with a couple of useful advantages if you fly on a lot of Delta flights. All cardholders get complimentary Priority Boarding, and if you show your card to the excursion, you get 1 free beverage.

But with an yearly fee of $59, you would have to take a great deal of flights to make holding the card worth it (although it might theoretically be possible to utilize these advantages to your benefit and come out ahead).

Bottom Line: Although it is possible to make 2x myDelta points onto your dining purchases with the Delta World Mastercard, it’ll not be your very best option for spending. The points you get could only be redeemed for a determined penny per point for travel booked through Delta Air. Because of that, even a 2% cash-back card could be a better option due to the extra flexibility.

Final Thoughts.

As an ultra-low-cost carrier which focuses on leisure travel, Delta Air is sure to have lots of passengers who are not regulars when it comes to aviation. Those folks can be less familiar with check-in, going through airport security, and certainly with boarding the airplane.

By studying the particulars of the Delta boarding procedures beforehand, you can make sure you won’t increase the airport confusion — and who knows, you might even have the ability to point somebody else in the right direction.

Being comfortable with the process from the minute that you reach the gate will begin your trip day off right and make your entire trip just a little bit better. The next time you fly Delta Air, then you ‘ll be ready to go!

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Often asked questions.

Just how many boarding zones are there on Delta?

Delta Air utilizes 6 boarding zones at the general boarding process for their own flights. Additionally, they have 4 groups which are allowed to board prior to the start of boarding.

Why are Delta flights assigned seating?

Yes, Delta Air utilizes assigned seating for each of their flights. If you would like to book a specific seat beforehand, you’ll have to pay a commission to do so. If you do not need to pay to book a seat, an individual will be randomly assigned to you once you check in for the flight.

Anyone needing extra time or support for getting on the airplane can pre-board on Delta Air flights. The boarding process may be paused to give this initial group a bit additional time to get situated before restarting another group.

Who has priority dressing on Delta?

Passengers who have purchased Priority Access and passengers who hold the Delta World Mastercard are eligible to board the aircraft when settlement boarding is called.

Can military board early on Delta?

Yes, active military personnel and their dependents are allowed to board following priority dressing and before household boarding on most of Delta flights.

When can households board on Delta?

About Delta Air flights, households who are boarding with auto seats or strollers are allowed to board right after active military members and their dependents and prior to the beginning of general boarding.

Boarding zone 1 on Delta Air includes all passengers who are seated at the exit rows.

Who’s in zone two on Delta?

Boarding zone two on Delta Air comprises passengers seated in Rows 25-40 who do not own a carry-on bag that needs to be kept in the overhead bins.

Who’s in zone 3 on Delta?

Boarding zone 3 to Delta Air comprises passengers seated in rows 1-24 who do not own a carry-on bag that needs to be kept in the overhead bins.

Who’s in zone 4 on Delta?

Boarding zone 4 to Delta Air comprises passengers seated in rows 25-40 who need to store a carry-on bag in the overhead bins.

Who’s in zone 6 on Delta?

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Very very helpful posts on boarding zone. Thank you.

So glad that you ‘re finding these useful, Mike. Thanks for the comments!

2 questions: I couldn’t even figure out how to select a seat. Are the blue areas taken chairs as well as the x ray chairs out there? Once I decide on a seat how do I book it?

Also, how do I get information about how best to board without waiting at the very long line?

I flew Delta for the very first time and had no issue, other than standing in line with my carry on being fairly heavy. Thank you.

Together with Delta, the blue chairs are available for selection and chairs marked with an "x" are not. To select one, simply click to modify your flight, select seat selection, then click on the seat you’d enjoy and confirm that your changes. Depending on your booking, you may be charged extra for seat selection.

In case you have problems waiting in line, you may be able to board at the pre-boarding group with Delta. Do remember that we do not signify Delta Airlines so for additional assistance you need to get in touch with their customer support staff directly.