We’ve been lied to exactly how much intercourse females want… it’s significantly more than you think

Sex-positive journalist and news commentator Nadia Bokody reveals ladies want much more sex than they’re requesting

It is Friday evening and I’m feeling horny.

I text my boyfriend several suggestive emojis, and get him to come available for a small tgif enjoyable in the sack. An hour or so goes on, and there’s no response.

We start concocting situations within my check out explain the… that is unthinkable both their phone and battery pack charger simultaneously perish?

Just just exactly What he passed out and has since been lying helpless on his apartment floor if he was so excited upon reading my text? Possibly he’s been abducted? Should the police is called by me?!

Unexpectedly my phone lights up.

“Hey, I’m wrecked from a day that is huge. Tonight’s a bad time.”

This reaction flies within the face of everything we’ve been told about guys and intercourse: dudes will always up because of it – day or evening, exhausted, busy, or else.

They’ll take it whenever it can be got by them, appropriate? Not quite, since it works out.

An account because old as time

We’ve all seen that television sitcom scene where in fact the frustrated spouse begs his frigid wife for sex while she fends down their improvements with excuses.

“Not tonight honey, We have a hassle.”

It’s a pervasive social ideology; and that’s why, once the situation’s flipped, we obviously assume the worst. Continue reading