Joyfully married but i’d like desperately become alone.

DH and I also have now been together 4 years, married 2.5. We’ve a 14mo DD. Our company is within our thirties.

DH is a guy that is stand-up. and hilarious. He does loads round the household, shitwork etc. and co-parents our DD beautifully. We now have a laugh and conversation that is good log in to quite nicely. I will be really fortunate We realise.

Why the fuck do we constantly think of making?

We fantasize about having my very own destination (sharing care of DD obv). Being single and achieving my very own room once more. We secretly look ahead to him going away on work trips, have always been inwardly relieved as he decamps to your extra bed room, and sometimes find myself merely seething with discomfort with him while having intense wants to run far. I cannot quite place my little finger on why these feelings are incredibly intense nevertheless:

-Our usually exceptional sex-life has gone down the pipe since having dd. Tough delivery, stitches, PIV nevertheless uncomfortable in my situation 14 months on, do not have much desire either when I’m nevertheless bfing. A gynae has been seen by me whom stated things will enhance once I wean. Our company is still intimate but it is as soon as a month/fortnight atm that isn’t great. He is expressed his frustration with this particular but has not pressured me.

-He often talks in my opinion like he is dad teaching me personally a course. Continue reading