Genital useful morphology, hypothesized plugging procedures, and you can mating positions

Predict mating possibilities are offered in accordance with the 4 actions suggested within our diagnostic strategy (e.grams., mating research, level of patches, spot pattern, and you may plug time and energy)

Forecast mating assistance are supplied based on the 4 strategies proposed in our diagnostic means (e.g., mating evidence, amount of spots, spot development, and connect dedication)

To estimate the age of sampled queens, we classified most of the individuals by the collective wing wear ). Queens were classified toward following groups: (1) “recently mated,” intact wings (0–dos don scratches); (2) “more youthful,” a little worn wings (3–5 wear scratching); (3) “middle-aged,” used wings (6–several wear marks); and (4) “dated,” really worn wings (?twelve wear ples, analysis to your side don weren’t compiled for this reason becoming called “zero information.”

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