Pregnant Wife’s ER see for Husband With “Man Flu” gets the Web CRY-Laughing!!

I’m sitting upstairs now and both toddlers are downstairs with my better half and nasty colds. Do you know what which means? The guy flu period is coming. It could not be the flu, it may you should be a cool, but he’ll treat it just like the plague since it takes place every like clockwork year. In the same way certain as the sunlight rises and sets, i will count if he so much as sneezes on him to be completely useless for a solid week.

Throw it back once again to 2014. I became about nine months pregnant with Cora and Sadie had been half a year old. As soon as we woke up, I happened to be violently puking throughout the day. Into the automobile. Out from the screen. During our errands. I happened to be miserable and nauseous but worked through it because #MOMLIFE. We actually thought We had killer early morning vomiting or maybe a belly bug therefore I went along with it. Then 6 p.m. rolls around… it absolutely was not at all morning nausea because we viewed my hubby transform prior to my eyes, stumbling around saying he’s likely to puke. Grreeeeeat. The minute he claims he’s feeling ill, my eyes immediately roll in to the straight back of my mind and touch my back. Immediate dread.

Stage 1: Offer this man an opportunity. Decide to try the sweet approach.

‘Ok babe. You’re gonna be fine. Simply go right to the bathroom and attempt to flake out.’

Did he simply just simply take my advice? Nope. First stop is our drain. He pukes all over a week’s worth of dirty dishes. Continue reading