F1000 Commentary: mind responses to images that are sexual 46, XY females with complete androgen insensitivity problem are feminine typical.

The answer that is short this: intercourse is mostly about the body, sex is mostly about whom you feel you to ultimately be, and intimate orientation is all about to who you’re attracted intimately.

Now here’s the answer that is longer

“Sex” may be the term we used to make reference to a person’s anatomy that is sexualhis / her intimate parts of the body). Therefore if a health care provider had been to state that a woman is feminine when it comes to her intercourse chromosomes, her sex organs, and make-up that is hormonal the physician is talking about the girl’s intercourse (her body).

People who have problems of intercourse development (DSD) are born by having a intercourse kind this is certainly distinct from many men’s and a lot of women’s. Continue reading